Every record collector wants to keep his records in the best possible condition, and for this it is necessary to comply with a series of care that will allow our collection does not deteriorate with the passage of time and is preserved in the best possible way, something very important if we take into account that our collection can reach a considerable economic value.
So after carefully observing how people manipulate vinyl records, we can not help but make a series of recommendations:


  1. DO NOT TOUCH !!!
    Never touch the surface occupied by the grooves with the fingertips, no matter how clean our hands are. The technique necessary to remove the disc from its cover and deposit it in the tray basically consists of using the hands pressing on the edges of the disc with the tips of the thumbs and delicately rest the fingers on the central label.
  2. Do not use tap water or mineral water
    The water has invisible residues to our eyes but that can end up being deposited in the most recondite place of the grooves of our disc. Instead, it is advisable to carry out any cleaning work using distilled water.
  3. Cleaning is important
    Do not use old and dirty rags. Cleaning is very important. Keep the cleaning material as clean as possible, no matter if you have to buy a new microfiber ballet every time (it is best not to damage the discs and achieve a good finish.
  4. Use antistatic brushes and needle brushes before playing any record
    Use specialized preparations to clean the surface of the discs. There are several brands on the market recommended but in vinylradar.com we want to teach you how to prepare a potion that works really well. Basically, it is about 1/3 part isopropyl alcohol, 2/3 parts distilled water and a drop of soap. This preparation should be deposited in a pot with a sprayer to conveniently spray the surface of the disk.
  5. Calibrate the turntable correctly
    The arms of the turntables exert weight on the needle when playing the discs. It is important that it is correctly calibrated, with the weight that is necessary for each turntable. If it exerts a lot of pressure, the disc can deteriorate quickly in a few reproductions, and then it will be unrecoverable.
  6. Change the needle periodically
    There is no consensus on when to do this, and each audiophile has a theory. With regular use of listening to music several days of the week, it would be nice to change the needle once every two years or so. But it depends on the use.
  7. DO NOT stack the discs horizontally
    It is bad for the covers and for the discs themselves. The discs should be placed vertically and loosely, without putting too many discs in the same rack. Stacking the discs horizontally can cause the discs to bend.
  8. Do not expose your records to heat.
    The discs are very sensitive to heat. If you travel by car try to keep them in a cool place and out of reach of the sun. In your house, the shelves where you store your vinyl try to place them away from the reach of sunlight because the discs are easily heated.
  9. Use inner and outer sleeves.
    They are very important for the maintenance and conservation of vinyl records. Always have them at hand.
  10. Do not experiment with risky solutions or believe in miraculous solutions found on the web, social media or youtube
    If you want to experiment with risky solutions, do it with discs that are not worth it or run the risk of destroying your album.

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