Everyday we select for you three record stores from around the world. Our growing online community makes this possible. In this list you will find the best record stores in Paris submitted by our friends.

Explore it and tell us if you think there is any record store missing. Let us know in the comments.

1.- Superfly Records

Superfly Records

They are specialised in rare and collectible vinyl records in the following musical genres: Soul, Brazilian, African, Jazz and Latin.

2.- Betino’s Record Shop


Since 1999. You will find original pressings from psych to disco.

3.- SouffleContinu Records

SouffleContinu Records

Indie, Psychedelia 60’s, Post-rock, Post-core, Free folk, Progressive, Hardcore 80’s, Punk, Black metal, Trash, Gothic rock, Dark wave, Cold Wave, Dark folk, Neo folk, Metal indus, Power electronics, Minimal electro, Noise , Harsh-noise, Free-jazz, Free-rock, Soul, Free improvisation, Electronica, Minimal electronics, Electro pop, Electro rock, Electro punk…

4.- Parallèles

Librairie Parallèles

Books and records. Since 1972. Pop rock, indie, french music, soul, funk, blues, rock n’ roll, progressive, psyche, metal, hip hop, electro and so much more… Their books are new and records are second hand.

5.- Groove Store

Groove Store

Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, R’n’B, Rock, Disco, House, Reggae, etc…

6.- Music Please Record Shop

Music Please Record Shop

In Business Since 2005. They’re selling all genre : rock, soul, funk, jazz, reggae, rap, blues, psych, prog, new wave, punk, garage, beat, pop, disco, electro, house, afro, latin, asie, orient, classical … second hand mostly and new release, reissues…

7.- MusicFearSatan


Since 2004, MusicFearSatan has been a metal, punk and rock record store in Paris, but also a label with some fifty references.

The store specializes in new releases in vinyl and CD formats, from indie rock to black metal, punk hardcore, sludge and krautrock.

8.- Walrus


Record store and bar. Great records, good beers and free gigs every Friday eve!

9.- Le Silence de La Rue

Le Silence de La Rue

Rock, Garage, Punk, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Funk, and more.

10.- Balades Sonores

Balades Sonores

Balades Sonores offers variety of genres, from pop and rock to black metal to new wave/synth wave.


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  1. nesta12

    you forget the best record shop from Paris (in the bastille district) POP CULTURE SHOP

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