In When Ziggy Played Guitar, Dylan Jones looks back at one of the most influential moments in pop history, and the birth of an icon: David Bowie.

Imprint: Windmill Books
Published: 15/11/2018
ISBN: 9781786090638
Length: 304 Pages
Dimensions: 198mm x 19mm x 129mm
Weight: 244g
RRP: £9.99

On 6 July 1972, David Bowie, with a flame-orange cockade quiff, lavishly applied make-up, wearing a multi-coloured jumpsuit that looked as though it were made from fluorescent fish skin, and carrying a brand spanking new blue acoustic guitar, made his third appearance on Top of the Pops.

It was this performance that properly resonated with Bowie’s audience, and caused a seismic shift in the zeitgeist, embedding the Ziggy Stardust persona into the nation’s consciousness.

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