Source: Sound of Vinyl
Release date: May 31th, 2019

The La’s – ‘BBC In Session’ was originally released in 2006 and until now hasn’t been available on vinyl. This limited edition, numbered, coloured 1LP vinyl release contains the band’s session appearances on radio shows hosted by Janice Long, Liz Kershaw, Bob Harris, and Nicky Campbell.All housed in a gatefold sleeve.


1Doledrum [Side A] 
2Way Out [Side A] 
3Freedom Song [Side A] 
4Come In Come Out [Side A] 
5Son Of A Gun [Side A] 
6There She Goes [Side A] 
7I Can’t Sleep [Side A] 
8Over [Side A] 
9Feelin’ [Side B] 
10Timeless Melody [Side B] 
11Callin’ All [Side B] 
12I.O.U [Side B] 
13Way Out [Side B] 
14I Can’t Sleep [Side B] 
15Timeless Melody [Side B] 
16Callin’ All [Side B] 
17Feelin’ [Side B]

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