One of the World’s Largest Private Collections of Caribbean and Latin American Music, The Gladys Palmera Collection, is now online.

Gladys Palmera (based in Madrid, Spain) is the alter-ego of Alejandra Fierro Eleta and the owner of this awesome collection that includes more than 100,000 vintage recordings – discs of all formats, CDs and recordings of live performances and interviews, photographs, posters, concert tickets, magazines and books -. And now, her collection became accessible online starting with 5,000 titles.

[su_quote cite=”Gladys Palmera”]”My love for the music comes since I was put in my cradle the summers in Mallorca in the late 50’s. And it always was to the sound of the Cuban Olguita Guillot, the Mexican Elvira Rios, etc. My parents impressed in me that taste for the tropical. Besides, my mother’s brother was the Panamanian composer, Carlos Eleta Almaran, author of the bolero, I believe one of the most versioned in the history, Historia de un Amor”. I started, without even realizing it, my vinyl’s collection when I was 18. I spent six months living in Panama, and I remember very clearly that my first album, there could be no other, was “Metiendo Mano”, from our dear Ruben Blades.”[/su_quote]

Many times, Alejandra Fierro Eleta has declared that her vocation is to share and disseminate this cultural legacy. Until now the Gladys Palmera collection has been enjoyed through the Radio Gladys Palmera streaming channel, through the well-known Gladys In Session, musical selections made by Gladys Palmera and in different exhibitions. Now this desire to share continues with the digital publication of a platform that hosts part of this catalog and to which they accompany contents such as podcasts, playlists, articles and reviews. The website is integrated into the Radio Gladys Palmera website.

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