The DJ Trunk was designed to allow DJs to travel with the necessary equipment for their performances: Phantom, turntable and vinyl recordings, mixer, computer and headphones.

An extreme piece of engineering defying the laws of physics and protected by more than a hundred patents, Phantom has been shaking the world of audio since 2015. Emitting an ultra-dense sound with physical impact, it is the ultimate system.

“Only Phantom could meet Louis Vuitton‘s requirements of a transportable product capable of delivering a powerful and immersive sound, allowing to experience true emotions at a live concert level from home… The DJ Trunk is the dream come true of an exceptional product combining high technology and unique and secular know-how”, says Quentin Sannié, co-founder and CEO of Devialet.

Handcrafted in Louis Vuitton’s historic workshops in Asnières near Paris, the DJ Trunk puts French know-how in the spotlight. Adorned in Monogram Eclipse canvas (a grey and black Monogram), with ruthenium metal accessories on the outside and dark grey microfiber on the inside.

The DJ Trunk is on sale as a Special Order. Revealed in Shanghai before travelling the globe as is the long tradition of the Louis Vuitton trunks, it can be used for DJ sets with two trunks or as a listening unit for music and vinyls with one trunk.

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