Scottish band Teenage Fanclub has shared a new single and video in their official website. The group is going to tour hard this year as they announce:

“It’s 2019, and so far this year we have shows lined up in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A., Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and also on a boat out in the Mediterranean somewhere.  Of course, all of us are really looking forward to all of it.  On the subject of “all of us”, we have some news on that front -the Teenage Fanclub line-up on stage for these shows will be: Norman Blake – guitar / vocals, Euros Childs – keyboards / vocals, Francis Macdonald – drums / vocals, Raymond McGinley – guitars / vocals, and Dave McGowan – bass / vocals. We’re excited to welcome Euros into the band, he’s worked with us in the studio before and we go back a long way. And Dave on bass, oh yeah.

Teenage Fanclub - Hamburg
Teenage Fanclub – Hamburg

So, for these shows coming up, what can you expect?  As ever you can expect us to do what we want, but what we want to do at the moment is dig a bit deeper into the back catalogue and play songs we haven’t played for years, so expect to hear things in the setlist beyond what you might have heard in recent years.  And we’ve been working on new songs too, so maybe expect to hear a couple of those too.”

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