Ryan Adams has announced the release of three albums in 2019. The first of them, Big Colors, will be out April 19. This record, produced by himself, Beatriz Artola and Don Was who has told that “I wish everyone could witness the awe-inspiring sight of Ryan Adams recording in the studio… the endless flow of brilliant ideas…” (via The Washington post).
The second album to be released will be titled Wednesdays and will feature Emmylou Harris, Jason Isbell, and Benmont Tench.

Big Colors:

01 Big Colors
02 Do Not Disturb
03 It’s So Quiet, It’s Loud
04 (Expletive) the Rain
05 Doylestown Girl
06 Dreaming You Backwards
07 I Surrender
08 What Am I
09 Power
10 Showtime
11 In It for the Pleasure
12 Middle of the Line
13 I’m Sorry and I Love You
14 Manchester
15 Summer Rain


01 Walk in the Dark
02 Who Is Gonna Love Me Now, If Not You
03 So Anyways
04 Wednesdays
05 Lost in Time
06 It’s Not That Kind of Night
07 Somewhere It Is Spring
08 Poison & Pain
09 Nobody Wins
10 Momma
11 When You Cross Over
12 Birmingham
13 Like a Heatwave
14 Red & Orange Special
15 Magic Trick
16 Pennsylvania Moon
17 Take Me Home

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