A super rare Canadian variant of Prince’s The Black Album (Black Cover) is on sale for $27,500 on the Discogs Marketplace.

According Discogs blog, the original pressing of The Black Album is perhaps the most famous rare vinyl record that exists. “Initially scheduled for a release in 1987, Prince recalled all copies a week before distribution after having an epiphany about the album being “evil”. The original had no printed title, no artist name, no production credits nor photography printed; it was just a simple black sleeve accompanying the disc.” Later on, Warner Bros. was allowed to sell the album on CD and cassette, but never again on vinyl. The hundred-or-so simple sleeves and discs that made it out as promos before the recall are now worth an astronomical amount.

*Just a few hours after posting this article, the record on sale disappeared from the discogs site.


Side A
1.- Le Grind
2.- Cindy C
3.- Dead on It
4.- When 2 R in Love

Side B
1.- Bob George
2.- Superfunkycalifragisexy
3.- 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton
4.- Rockhard in a Funky Place

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