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Interpol: Marauder

Matador Records

One of the most critically acclaimed bands of this generation release their sixth album, Marauder, an album that sways as well as it seduces, that pounds as well as it pouts, and that batters as well as it broods.


1. If You Really Love Nothing
2. The Rover
3. Complications
4. Flight of Fancy
5. Stay in Touch
6. Interlude 1
7. Mountain Child
9. Surveillance
10. Number 10
11. Party’s Over
12. Interlude 2
13. It Probably Matters

Alice in Chains: Rainier Fog


The band’s first album in five years, and first for BMG, is also notable for being the first time they have recorded in their hometown of Seattle in more than 20 years (also worth noting that the album title is a tribute to Seattle). The album will be available digitally, as well as CD and limited-edition double 180-gram clear vinyl with white and black splatter.


1. The One You Know
2. Red Giant
3. Rainier Fog
4. Fly
5. Drone
6. Deaf Ears Blind Eyes
7. Maybe
8. So Far Under
9. Never Fade
10. All I Am

The Lemon Twigs: Go To School

Go to School, the brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario second album, was written, recorded, produced and mixed by the pair at their home in Long Island.

Go To School tells the heartbreaking coming-of-age story of Shane, a pure of heart chimpanzee raised as a human boy as he comes to terms with the obstacles of life. Todd Rundgren and the D’Addario’s mother Susan Hall play Shane’s parents. The album features contributions from Jody Stephens (Big Star) and their father Ronnie D’Addario.


1. Never in My Arms, Always in My Heart
2. The Student Becomes the Teacher
3. Rock Dreams
4. The Lesson
5. Small Victories
6. Wonderin’ Ways
7. The Bully
8. Lonely
9. Queen of My School
10. Never Know
11. Born Wrong/Heart Song
12. The Fire
13. Home of a Heart (The Woods)
14. This Is My Tree
15. If You Give Enough

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