Instagram in an inexhaustible source of knowledge. A few days ago, we discovered a new account: Lab_2a, with cool vinyl boxes and holders. We got in touch with them and this is their story…

Behind Lab_2a are two friends: Andrea Allara and Andrea Di Piazza, and a common passion: music, design and wood.

“We got some vinyl records and we wanted to hang it somewhere… So we made for necessity the first vinyl holders. Some friends of us have seen the hanger and wanted one for them so we have draw few projects with different design and we built it,” Andrea Allara and Andrea Di Piazza explain.

Lab_2a products. Click the photos for more information:

The Lab_2a products are available on, and if you travel to Milan, you must go to Seredeepity, a record store where you can see and buy the hangers.

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