“After almost two decades of writing and touring the world together, we have decided to close this chapter of our lives as Minus the Bear.” The Seattle-based group has announced they are breaking up. Also, Minus the Bear have announced a final tour (which kicks off October 9) and a new 4-song EP Fair Enough (out October 19 via Suicide Squeeze Records).

Why is the group breaking up now? The band has explained the reasons to STEREOGUM:

SNIDER: It’s been a long time. We want to keep the band’s legacy intact and go out while we’re still doing well. There’s a bunch of reasons — wanting to try something new creatively, possibly. It’s difficult to be in a band with so many different attitudes and ways of thinking over 17 years. It’s an interesting time, and a tough decision to make, because it does mean a lot to people who aren’t in the band — the fans and whatnot. It’s not an easy decision, but it feels necessary at this point.

KNUDSON: There’s also a lot of regular life stuff that comes into it. When we started the band, we were 23 or 24 at the time — some of us maybe even younger. Things change, you get married, have kids. It’s not as easy to go on the road. And sometimes being on the road can be harder than you expect it to be. Everyone has this idealized version of, “Oh, you’re in a band, you get to be on tour and do whatever.”

SNIDER: Touring at 27 and touring at 42 is a totally different ball game. There’s so much stress on you. It’s hard to leave your family behind for weeks at a time — your wife with the kids.

DICKENSON: It’s sad, because bands end, and they don’t always end the way that we want them to, but I’m at peace now that they’re going to go out on their own terms.

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