Luxman has announced the PD-151 turntable (release date: February, 2019). The development concept of the PD-151 concentrates on brushing up performance basics for the listener who wishes to enjoy the sound of a premium belt drive analog player.

To keep the exterior design and top panel as simple as possible, Luxman has focused on the three major elements, the tone arm, turntable and drive system. The highest priorities of operability, attractive design and functionality integrate beautifully.

With a newly developed, original high precision DC motor, the PD-151 realizes wow and flutter at 0.04% or less (WRMS), always promising to maintain accurate operation over three stages of independent adjustable rotation speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm).

This design features an under-slung, suspended structure with components mounted on the underneath of the top panel chassis, eliminating the influence of vibrations from the turntable’s supporting surface. The 10mm thick machined aluminum top panel provides a rigid base for the moving parts. The platter which weighs 4.0kg ensures improved stability and accurate rotation.

Moreover, the PD-151 features a high precision stainless center spindle, a PEEK thrust bearing and a brass radial bearing. Also, the universally compatible static balanced tone arm, made by JELCO allows for easy cartridge substitutions and satisfying operability.

Retail price: £2235 (according

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