Architects, industrial designers, technology experts and musicians have joined forces to create Logigram, a singular premium quality and 100% manual turntable.

Behind this turntable (designed, developed and produced entirely in italy) is DEFOSS (Design, furniture and objects in space), a group of international architects and designers founded by Luca Chieregato, italian architect and designer, and Josefina Troncoso, industrial designer from Chile.

Logigram’s design generates from the removal of some material from the plynth to obtain an empty space, then replaced by an anti vibrational system/technology.

The turntable uses 3D printing to create a single piece tonearm, which counterweights stub. It can also be shaped and formed to deliver an entirely even mechanical response.

Logigram increases the audio standards by using a 30mm anti-resonant plinth, hold up by three non-decoupling supports. In addition, the belt drive comes with 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM manual speeds.

The record player is available in 3 different models:

  • LOGIGRAM One Black/White, features a 30mm MDF anti-resonant plinth, and an Audio-Technica AT95E MM cartridge.
  • LOGIGRAM One Premium, features a 30mm plywood anti-resonant plinth, and an Ortofon 2M RED MM cartridge with elliptical stylus.
  • LOGIGRAM One Ultimate, features a double composite plinth (plywood + MDF) and an Ortofon 2M BLUE cartridge with nude elliptical stylus.

The three models are available on Indiegogo.

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