The Lenco-MD turntable rethinks the classic concept of the turntable. You build it yourself, it’s modular, feature rich, community powered and upgradable. All this with great audio quality and an aesthetic design.

The Lenco-MD turntable is created by the Qeske community and inspired by the classic Lenco turntables.  It is a collaboration between Swiss quality hi-fi manufacturer Lenco and grassroots Dutch 3D printer producer RepRapUniverse. The first functional prototype of the Lenco-MD was first presented at the IFA Berlin 2018 (Consumer Electronics Faire) where it was ranked as top 3 best innovations.

The Lenco-MD is currently a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, aiming for $50,000 funding before it hits production.

Made by you

You can 3D Print the Lenco-MD turntable at home with your own 3D Printer, add the quality Lenco hardware parts (belt, pulley, motor, etc) and assemble the parts to build your turntable.

It is not only great fun to build a turntable yourself, you will learn how a turntable functions while constructing it. If you do not own a 3D Printer just get a pre-printed set at a RepRapUniverse Store and immediately start building your turntable.

The Lenco-MD consists of multiple modular units. These modular units can be interchanged allowing you to adapt the turntable to suit your particular situation. On a sunny day, plug in the ‘Lenco-MD Solar Module’, combine it with the ‘Lenco-MD Speaker Module’ and you are set up to enjoy your favourite LP’s right in your backyard. More into headphones and streaming? Plug in the ‘Lenco-MD Bluetooth Module’ and you are ready to go wireless.

But there is more. The modularity also enables you to upgrade your Lenco-MD player to a High End version, step by step, over time. Start with a 3D printed version and slowly upgrade parts to high quality metal / acrylic parts. More on this to come.

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