Johnny Jewel (of Chromatics) has shared 21-track album called Themes For Television. According Pitchfork, “last year, reports surfaced that Jewel recorded “over 20 hours” of music for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return. (Lynch didn’t use any of it, but Jewel sent him five to seven hours of the material.) Now, Jewel has shared the recordings” in the new album.

It was a year ago now that ​Twin Peaks: The Return​ arrived. Nobody will forget the moment the show’s uncanny two-part premiere drew to an enigmatic close, as Chromatics took the stage at the Roadhouse bathed in cobalt, inaugurating with their hypnotic performance of “Shadow”. This was only the beginning of Johnny Jewel’s sonic presence on the series. His mesmerizing, dreamlike Windswept became the bona fide theme song of Kyle MacLachlan’s Lodge-dazed Dougie Jones — a siren song of melancholic saxophone calling out to him from the beyond.

“It’s been a year since Chromatics performed at the Roadhouse. With disintegrated memory through the haze of television snow, I wanted to share a glimpse behind the red curtain,” says Jewel.

“The project began as a sonic exploration of the sounds I was hearing in my nightmares,” Jewel says about Themes for Television​ . “I wanted to find my way out of the maze by focusing on beauty over fear — like the way the fractured sunrise looks in a dream.”

Themes for Television ​is in keeping with the unpredictable twilit splendor one expects of Jewel. Working entirely without images, drawing from his own imagined version of what The Return​ might be, Jewel produced a monumental six hours of material. The 21 tracks that comprise this album have been culled from that prolific streak of inspiration, sequenced and edited last winter in Tokyo.

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