IKEA is collaborating with Swedish audio tech company Teenage Engineering for a new collection of music focussed products titled FREKVENS (Swedish for frequency).

The collection, available February 2019, will feature 22 items including an electronic choir, vinyl player, party lighting and “everything else you need in order to throw a really good music party wherever you are,” says the company.

“When you are younger you usually come up with the idea of a party the same day and I think a lot of people uses IKEA that way. ‘I’m going to have a party, I need some glasses, napkins, candles and stuff and will go to IKEA to get it.’ For us, it is about finding a reason to make and play some music. Thinking about the totality of what you need for a party is a good start.” says Jesper Kouthoofd, head of design and CEO at Teenage Engineering.

“We know that for younger people spontaneity is key. The idea of gathering some friends could become a reality in minutes. What is then needed at home? Or maybe you want to bring along the party somewhere else? Together with Teenage Engineering we want to explore the possibilities of bringing the party with you and what else you need for a great party.” says Michael Nikolic, Creative leader at IKEA Range & Supply.

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