Photographer Gregory Nolan teleport us to the London’s mid-2000s indie scene with a new book and exhibition, This Was Our Scene.

Nolan was part of the scene, at the height of the action he was photographing six nights a week. Featuring a foreword by songwriter/musician Frank Turner and an introduction by Gregory Nolan, his book invites the viewer to join the front row, jump on stage, live with wild abandon.

This Was Our Scene

“Greg was absolutely integral to the indie scene in London in its halcyon days, where I started out as a musician and met most of my closest friends. The shots in the show capture the spirit and energy of that unique moment in history perfectly; looking through them took me back there vividly.” – Frank Turner.

“Greg was a fixture of the scene from the start and provided us with some very cherished photos from the time. As we grew and the scene with it Greg’s photos became an essential record of some of the best nights of our lives.” Bryn Fowler, The Holloways.

This Was Our Scene can be seen from December 12th until the end of the month at The Guitarwrist, 2 Newburgh Street, Carnaby.

Spent a bit of time last week signing prints…. and got a stamp!!! Feel very presidential.

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Gregory Nolan began taking photos because of his love of the indie scene around him. He discovered a passion for capturing energy and spirit through photography -something that has contributed to his professional development as he has toured with bands including Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, BASTILLE, Dropkick Murphys, and more. Originally from Ireland, his passion for music and photography has taken him to unexpected places and projects, from creating a documentary book for Bastille, a documentary film for Frank Turner, an online storytelling archive of unsigned Irish musicians, and other projects from mainland Europe to the US. It all started on these sweaty venues in ’00s London, and this collection is the heart of who he is as a photographer.

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