Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and, later, Audioslave frontman, died on Wednesday night. He was 52.

Mr. Cornell’s death was reported by The Associated Press, citing a statement from his representative, Brian Bumbery.

“The death was sudden and unexpected”, Mr. Bumbery said, adding that Mr. Cornell’s wife and other family members were shocked. The statement said the family would work closely with the medical examiner to determine the cause of death.

In honour of Chris Cornell, we bring you some of his very best songs:

1.- Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (1994)

2.- Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose (1991)

3.- Soundgarden – Spoonman (1994)

4.- Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days (1994)

5.- Audioslave – Cochise (2002)

6.- Soundgarden – Outshined (1991)

7.- Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike (1991)

8.- Audioslave – Like a Stone (2002)

9.- Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days (1994)

10.- Chris Cornell – You Know My Name – Casino Royale Soundtrack– (2006)

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