Most of the record collectors choose IKEA’s KALLAX shelves. So… the world’s largest furniture retailer has many options to customize KALLAX shelf unit so that it suits your music storage needs like baskets and boxes. Here it is the Vinylradar team selection:

Size: 33x38x33 cm
Colour: Red.
€ 3,99 / ud

The bamboo material has been pressed and lacquered creating a smooth and natural expression.
Size: 33x35x32 cm.
€ 14,99 / ud.

Size: 32x35x16 cm.
€ 9,99 / ud.


This box is made of seagrass which creates an unusual, warm and natural expression.
Size: 32x35x32 cm.
€ 7,99 / ud.

– KALLAX Wire basket
For singles or CDs.
Size: 40×33 cm.
€ 9,99 / ud

Sea grass has natural colour variations which makes every basket unique.
Size: 32x33x32 cm.
€ 9,99 / ud.

Colour: White.
Size: 33x37x33 cm.
€ 9,99 / ud.

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