Audio-Technica introduced an all-new lineup of turntables at CES 2019. The new models range from professional home/DJ turntables to entry level and include Audio-Technica’s first-ever turntable and headphones bundle, the AT-LP60XHP.

The new turntables offer a host of upgrades, all come with high-quality phono cartridges and feature sleeker, updated styling in a variety of finishes. The new models include the following:

• AT-LPW40WN manual belt-drive turntable with wood finish (SRP: US$299.00)

• AT-LPW30TK manual belt-drive turntable with wood finish (SRP: US$249.00)

• AT-LP140XP direct-drive for professional DJ/home use (SRP: US$399.00)

• AT-LP120XUSB direct-drive for professional/home use with USB (SRP: US$249.00)

• AT-LP60XHP fully-automatic turntable/headphones bundle (SRP: US$129.00)

• AT-LP60XBT fully-automatic wireless belt-drive with Bluetooth® (SRP: US$149.00)

• AT-LP60XUSB fully-automatic belt-drive with USB (SRP: US$129.00)

• AT-LP60X fully-automatic belt-drive (SRP: US$99.00)

One look and it’s apparent that the all-new AT-LPW40WN and AT-LPW30TK manual belt-drive turntables are unlike any previously offered by Audio-Technica, with their striking wood finishes, elegant design and newly-designed straight-line tonearms. Their understated, attractive appearance is matched by their superlative performance.

has an MDF chassis with a walnut veneer finish and features a carbon fiber tonearm with a pre-mounted VM95E moving magnet (MM) phono cartridge. Its DC servo motor with speed stabilization ensures accurate speed stability. The AT-LPW30TK comes in a teak wood-look finish with an aluminum straight-line arm and VM95C MM cartridge pre-mounted.

Both models include the universal AT-HS4 headshell for easy cartridge changes or upgrades. Both feature 33-1/3 and 45 RPM operation, a precision aluminum platter with a rubber mat, vibration-absorbing feet and an external power supply that isolates unwanted electrical noise from the turntable.

Like all the new Audio-Technica turntables (except the AT-LP140XP) the AT-LPW40WN and AT-LPW30TK have a built-in phono preamp which enables them to be used with a wide variety of audio systems and components, and come with a dustcover, cables, stereo RCA output jacks (that allow the use of separate RCA cables of the user’s choice) and accessories.

Audio-Technica’s AT-LP140XP professional DJ turntable is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and reliability. Its high-torque motor ensures quick start-up and exacting speed stability for 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM playback. It is equipped with an S-shaped tonearm with height adjustment (vertical tracking angle), tracking force and anti-skate adjustment and is supplied with the new high-output AT-XP3 DJ cartridge. Its die-cast aluminum platter and anti-resonance hybrid steel/polymer deck further contribute to the turntable’s rock-solid performance. Available in silver and black, the AT-LP140XP offers DJ-friendly features such as a start/stop button, forward/reverse play, selectable pitch change, a stylus target light and more.

Audio-Technica’s AT-LP120XUSB is an update of the acclaimed AT-LP120-USB. It features upgrades including a new DC servo direct-drive motor, HS6 headshell, adjustable dynamic anti-skate control, damped base construction for reduced low-frequency feedback coloration and an external power supply to reduce electrical noise.

The AT-LP120XUSB (available in silver and black) is supplied with a high-performance AT-VM95E cartridge -mounted into an HS6 headshell. The cartridge is compatible with any VM95 Series replacement stylus, for a choice of stylus options for every application and budget. Its numerous additional features include a USB output for converting records to digital audio, 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM speeds, and more.

It’s now easier and more enjoyable than ever to get started with high-quality vinyl playback. Audio-Technica has upgraded its world-favorite entry-level turntable lineup with the introduction of the AT-LP60XHP turntable and headphones bundle, the AT-LP60XBT wireless turntable with Bluetooth® connectivity with aptX®, the AT-LP60XUSB with USB output and the AT-LP60X.

All the turntables have sleek new styling featuring front panels with rounded corners and inset control buttons. The front panels are available in a choice of black, brown, gunmetal, white and red finishes (depending on the model). The tonearm base and headshell have been redesigned to improve tracking and reduce unwanted resonances. All offer fully-automatic 33-1/3 and 45 RPM operation and come with an integral Dual Magnet™ phono cartridge, built-in phono preamp and all necessary accessories.

The AT-LP60XHP is packaged with the new ATH-250AV over-ear headphones, which plug into the turntable’s built-in headphone amplifier with volume control. The ATH-250AV features large-diameter 40 mm drivers for clear, detailed sound with powerful bass, a natural midrange and extended treble. The ATH-250AV’s lightweight construction and comfortable sound-isolating earpads ensure long-wearing comfort.

Audio-Technica’s AT-LP60XBT combines high-quality record playback with the convenience of wireless operation. Just pair the turntable with compatible Bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers or other devices for cord-free listening in a home, apartment or dorm room. In addition, the AT-LP60XBT can be used as a conventional wired turntable. The AT-LP60XUSB is ideal for anyone who wants to transfer their rare and valuable records to digital music files for go-anywhere listening.

The AT-LP60X brings better sound quality than ever to the under-$100 price category. Its fully-automatic operation, ease of use and upgraded performance from the highly popular AT-LP60 make it the perfect entry-level turntable for first-time vinyl enthusiasts as well as those who want to rediscover their record collection.

At CES 2019 Audio-Technica also introduced new turntable and record-cleaning accessories including the AT6006R safety raiser, which automatically lifts the tonearm off the record at the end of the side, the AT6181 stroboscope disc and strobe light for checking turntable speed accuracy and the AT617a cartridge stylus cleaner.

Audio-Technica’s new turntables and accessories will be available in early 2019.

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