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Release Date: May 10, 2019 

French modern-classical quartet astrïd return on May 10th with the first part of a new release entitled A Porthole. 

A Port Hole – Astrïd

Conceptually the two records work in unison, focusing on portholes into the abyss, with part one delving into the depths of the deep sea. The tracks are named after various strains of seaweed, the artwork depicting dark waves and uncertainty. Part two will follow in a years time and will turn its attention to the night sky and constellations. 


Limited edition of 300 copies. Aqua Blue vinyl, housed in a heavyweight 350gsm, matte-finished sleeve. 

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A Porthole continues astrïd’s signature style of billowing guitars, strings and woodwind. Each element intertwined with another, linked perfectly together through restrained jazz-tinged percussion. 2017’s highly-acclaimed release ‘Through the Sparkle’ with renowned pianist Rachel Grimes (of Rachels) set the bar extremely high for this release but astrïd have matched the depth, melody and quality of…  more


releases May 10, 2019 

Cyril Secq – guitars, piano, Juno, charango, harp, harmonium, bass, choir 
Yvan Ros – drums, kawai, choir 
Vanina Andreani – violin, piano, harmonium, choir 
Guillaume Wickel – clarinets, Rhodes, harmonium, harp, kalimantan, choir 

Recorded and mixed by Cyril Secq at Goulephar Studio, Nantes, France 
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market, Montreal, Canada 
​Original Monotype artwork and sleeve design by Richard Knox 


“The opening minutes establish the template: the chamber violin balanced by the post-rock guitar. In the hands of these performers, the two are natural friends.” A Closer Listen 

“the whole album is a masterclass in restraint. It all makes A Porthole an absolute delight, and an album perfect for losing entire evenings exploring its soundscapes and textures.” 
The Sound Not The Word

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