Nanoångström continues Bast’s trajectory into narrative-driven arrangements and experimental compositions; set against a bleak Science Fiction backdrop, it explores the human conditions of loss, isolation, and change in the wake of time’s passage. 

Including artwork designed and directed by the band’s own Craig Bryant (guitar/vocals) as well as featuring an exclusive piece by Manga legend Shintaro Kago, the album is available to pre-order now via Black Bow Records, on CD and limited edition 12-inch double LP – 250 x ‘Hyperspeed’ and 250 x ‘A Red Line Through Black’. 

Produced once again by the esteemed Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio (, and featuring guest vocals from Chris Naughton of England’s leading purveyors of Black Metal, Winterfylleth.


released November 23, 2018 

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