You have your IKEA KALLAX shelves or a similar vinyl storage solution, and now you need in addition something to hold your records. You are looking for some record crates in which put the LPs you are listening or some box to use when you need to travel with them. Here ten stylish alternative to milk crates:

1.- 45 Crate
Stones Throw

45 Crate - Stones Throw

Stones Throw’s 7-inch record crate, custom made in the USA with 6-ply alder, laser cut, with two inset polished metal Stones Throw emblems on either end. This is constructed with snap-lock joints, water-based glue and pin nails to ensure durability, then sealed and finished with an acrylic clear-coating. Holds about 80 records.

Dimensions: 8.5″w/l x 7″high (21.5 cm w/l x 17.5 cm high)
Capacity: 80 records.

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2.-Scratch & Dent Dovetail Record Crate
Symbol Audio

Scratch & Dent Dovetail Record Crate

Dovetail Record Crate is the perfect way to store up to 100 LPs in a portable, beautifully crafted crate. Each crate is handcrafted from 5/8″ thick locally sourced solid Walnut or White Oak and features exposed English dovetail joinery for both beauty and strength. Vegetable tanned Leather handles with solid brass fasteners lend comfortable support when moving full crates and add an elegant and functional detail.

Dimensions: 14 1/4″ W x 16 1/4″ D x 11″ H
Capacity: up to 100 LPs


3.- Personalised Record Storage Crate

Personalised Record Storage Crate

Perfect for storing 12″ vinyl.

Dimensions: 53cm x 36cm x 26cm

Record store day coming soon our personalised crates make great gifts #recordstoreday

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4.- Hobo Essential record crate
Hobo Woodworks

Hobo Essential record crate

The Hobo Essential record crate. Reclaimed cedar. Holds 75 LP’s.

More info:

Fresh batch of Hobo essential crates out the door. All for one client 🙂

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5.- 12″ Crate-Large
Deeper Crates

Deeper Crates

Comes fully assembled. Includes: 2x handle plugs, divider/shelf removable by unscrewing a side of the crate.

Dimensions: 338mm high x 350mm wide x 400mm deep
Capacity: Approx. 110 records
$84,89 + postage


6.- 45 Crate
101 Apparel

101 Apparel

Custom 101 7-inch record crate, custom made in the USA with 3-ply alder, laser cut and engraved with the 101logo on all 4 sides. Constructed with snap-lock joints, water-based glue and pin nails to ensure durability, then sealed and finished with an acrylic clear-coating.

Capacity: About 80 records


7.- Vinyl LP Record Crate
Romany House

Romany House

The box is collapsible and stores flat when not in use. It can be assembled and disassembled in two minutes and requires no tools. Assembly instructions are included with each purchase.

Dimensions: The interior of the box measures approximately 13″ x 7.5″ and is 9″ deep. The exterior of the box increases all measurements to 15″ x 9.25″ wide and is 10″ tall. The box supports 12 to 15 lbs.
Capacity: Each box easily holds approximately 35 single LPs.


8.- Vinilio 33 giri
Design Transparente

Vinilio 33 giri

Made of transparent plexiglass. It has two handy handles to be moved and four plexiglass dowels placed below for not scratching in contact with the floor.

Dimensions: 37cm x 37cm x 30cm
Capacity: 60 records.


9.- Record Crates


These lux Discogs branded wooden record crates have been created especially by Lockwright. Made with 1/2” ApplePly.

Inner Dimensions for 12″- H: 12-3/4″ W: 13-1/2″ D: 12″. Outer Dimensions for 12″- H: 13-3/16″ W: 14-1/2″ D: 13-1/8″
Capacity: 85 records


10.- 12” Vinyl Record Storage
Wicker Wood Works

Wicker Wood Works

A stylish Alternative to milk Crates! Hand Made and specially designed for storing your collection of 12 Vinyl.

Dimensions: 14.5×14.5×10 inches
Capacity: 60-80 records.

Thanks Rocky for your review and this awesome pic! #wickerwoodworks #vinyl #vinylcollection #records #modernfurniture

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11.- Model 33 | For 12″ Records


All-aluminum, powder-coated, flip-forward storage and display solution for your 12-inch vinyl records. Hold approximately 33 records. They’re only 10 1/4″ deep so they fit on just about any table/shelf/space… Made win Chicago, IL., USA.

Dimensions: 13″ W x 12.25″ H x 10″ D
Capacity: approximately 33 12-inch records.

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