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Röth & Myers BOSK speaker, made of wood, with a detachable mesh front panel. The zebrano wood used for its structure, its aluminium legs and the latest technology provide the best high resolution sound (up to 192KHz/24B). It also features 2 Woofers (3 inches and 20W) made of paper and wool fibres, and 2 Tweeters (0.7 inches and 15W).
The touch-sensitive buttons are integrated into the wood and are able to reproduce all kinds of music formats (including FLAC). The legs are adjustable to alter the height of the device.
Röth & Myers
This brand, with its strong personality, has achieved the perfect symbiosis between European design and Korean technology. It was born from a team with deep roots in the new technology industry and united by the vision of creating a product that allows people to enjoy music with all their senses. Röth & Myers presents innovative alternatives to conventional audio products by connecting with nature.
249,00 €