Pledge Music sells ten pieces of David Bowie’s original artwork.

Pledge Music explains on the web: “The David Bowie art collection is representative of his artistic output from as early as 1975 up to 2002, the collection consists of 10 unique pieces, each hand signed by Bowie himself. Starting with a limited edition 1 of 120 signed lithographic print, a self portrait titled Heroes. These lithographs were never sold to the public, instead Bowie personally gave them away to selective music industry people to promote the release of his album Heroes in 1978. Also included in the collection is another signed self portrait titled Outside which was used for the cover of the 1995 album of the same name. This collection shows a side of Bowie that many may not be aware of, an artist in every form of the word.”

Some prints, as Heroes, have already sold.

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